Saturday, 9 July 2016

Umpires chair

I love Wimbledon! I look forward to it each year - the players, the crowd, Finals Day. I have been fortunate enough to be able to go twice and it was fabulous. Not this year though so I have been watching on tv and taking sneak peaks on my computer while at work...

Yesterday was a day of some very good tennis. Unfortunately Federer lost but the tennis was amazing. Murray seems a force to be reckoned with this year.

While watching the final set of Federer and Raonic with growing despair I couldn't help but notice the Umpires chair. I hadn't given it much thought, ever.

Photo from

But the colours of the Ralph Lauren designed outfits on the umpire, and those of the ball girls and boys, made my attention start to wander - I think this was probably a self-preservation tactic to try to get my jangled nervous back in some order. The chair is very green. And looks a little uncomfortable. Imagine sitting on that hard seat for a 4-hour show-down between Federer and Cilic such as we saw on Wednesday.

I realise it can't distract from the tennis but a lovely cushion wouldn't hurt, would it? This umpire looks like he brought his own pillow from home...
Did he bring his own pillow? Photo from the 
Surely Ralph Lauren could be persuaded to jazz up the umpires chair with some soft furnishings, just a cushion or two... He could take inspiration from his Black Sands range for instance:
via Ralph Lauren

A stripe or two in purple and green could be the missing element of the Umpires Chair!