Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It has been a while since I have posted anything about Duck House. The reason is that I felt like there wasn't really anything to post without pictures (plus we were away on a wonderful holiday in Australia for 5 weeks...). The house renovations continue but it has been all about stripping away the excess and unwanted in the house such as the horrendous fake inglenook above the fireplace and knocking through the wall in the guest bedroom cupboard to where the boiler is currently housed. These two spaces together will make room for a new ensuite. All necessary and extremely hard work but work that can't readily be seen as progress in photos and the photos don't do justice to the amount of work Piers has done! The house is made of reconstituted Cotswold blocks on the outside and on this inside they have used grey cement bricks, which Piers says is like knocking through rock. No such thing as timber frames and plasterboard in this house! The dust is unbelievable and is almost magnetic, sticking to everything. We received the details from the structural engineer yesterday and wait for a few final tweaks from the architect. Once we have these plans apparently the real building work will begin!