Friday, 29 March 2013

Colours and fabrics

The cold weather has halted the renovations. To keep me motivated while living in a building site my mind has turned to colours and fabrics, especially in our bedroom. My colour of choice has always been blue. My room at Wolsey Road was blue and white - fresh and crisp. My white furniture and beloved lamps are in our room in my attempt to create a space that is not under construction. I saw these lamps in an antique store when I was a student and just had to have them. One of those purchases that I had no money for at the time but I have never regretted the purchase (although not happy with the shades but that can be changed..).

I have been very unsure about colours for our room until this past Christmas. I had thought that may be it was time to move away from the blue. I knew that blue was to stay when my gorgeous cousin and his very talented wife gave us these stunning linen cushion covers. Amber has only recently taught herself to sew and is creating the most lovely things. I wish she would start a business as I think she would be very successful. 

The cushion covers are made from linen with cotton lace. I am convinced now to stay with blue accents.    So I have been researching fabrics and ordering samples. This selection shows the final contenders.

I am going to make curtains in the same linen fabric with the striped Nina Campbell trim, the striped fabric will go on the chaise lounge with the honeypot trim, and the embroidered floral will go on a buttoned bedroom chair. Alternatively I could use it on the headboard and use the pale blue diamond weave on the bedroom chair. Still some decisions to make... But I am very excited to have narrowed it down not least because there is so much to choose from, I like this choice because it is not too feminine for Piers but still has some lovely touches and hopefully will be a calm and welcoming cosy place to fall asleep.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Waiting, waiting...

The weather in the UK has been bitterly cold. We have also been incredibly busy with work. All of this means that the house renovations have stalled currently so no progress photos to show. That doesn't mean though that I have stopped planning and thinking. I will post soon on a colour scheme for the bedroom but in the meantime there have been a few eBay purchases and today I am off to Whichford Pottery. Once a year they have a seconds sale on their gorgeous pots so I am going to see if I can grab a bargain for the garden! Then all I have to do is wait for the weather to warm up and start planting.