Sunday, 20 October 2013


Another long pause between posts... There has been progress with more walls knocked down and half the downstairs toilet. Yes, half. I know, I would have asked the same question - how can half a toilet be knocked down? - if I hadn't seen it for my own eyes. That is the topic of another post though.

This post is about vignettes. In the midst of all the building work and rubble I have managed to carve out a few little pieces of visual loveliness that I admire. I dream that one day the whole house will be like it, when not looking on pinterest or following renovations that are progressing at a far faster pace than ours that is. Two that I follow are The Lime Walk and Adelaide Villa. Both blogs offer excellent advice on house renovations and decorating, plus lots of other wonderful bits and pieces.

So, to my vignettes. These change quite regularly as the work progresses and bits and bobs get moved around. This is where things stood today...

New use for ottoman in the lounge room

Teacups and rhinos

Succulent garden

Blue and white on the landing

My dressing table

Writing desk in the guest bedroom

Candles and lace


More cushions
On my steep learning curve in all things decorating I have come to understand that cushions are the bomb! |Versatile, easy to make and can change a look in an instant or help to make a look in the first place. On another great blog that I have been following, Ms Faux Fuchsia never knowingly under cushions. I like this philosophy and am adopting it for my office also!